Fish farming business plan in nigeria pdf creator

The way the meals are fed to catfishes have to be carefully executed because two months old fishes can finish a 15kg feed bag in just 10 days.

The system must not fail. Location of ponds 2. This is a big drawback on our scarce foreign exchange. Nigeria can feed the world with fish. Fish farming especially catfish is most compatible with poultry farming as you can use the poultry drops to produce the feed for your fish.

The plumbing work must be properly done to ensure proper drainage. So, our clients feel okay about our environment here; they know they are not alone, and can share ideas with other farmers; that they have a good place to buy feeds and access to information that will assist them.

Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus and their hybrids are common in mixed-sex culture as they attain a marketable size before they commence spawning. Updated Business Plan Templates for this year Fish breeders has the opportunity to decide on whether to be simple or complex in the business depending on your capacity.

How To Start A Profitable Fish Farming Business In Nigeria

Pira is a Brazilian brand, a worldwide brand. When the fish is provided with a suitable environment and proper nutrition, and when the right species or strains are chosen, a fast growth rate enough to allow fry produced in the spring to reach a commercial size by autumn in temperature regions.

As your fishes grow, you need to constantly sort them to avoid larger fishes feeding on the smaller ones. I think in the next four or five years, a lot of companies will establish factories here, and we will be one of the leading ones among them.

Nothing in this world is free. With a stocking density of 4, fry per acre, the average weight at harvest can then be expected to be around 0. The farm is to have 10 concrete ponds of flow through system and each pond is to contains 1, stocked catfish.


The product is appreciated by farmers because of faster growth, affordable price, and availability. Risks and Challenges in Fish Farming 1. We have considered the risks, financial, health and technology wisely. Before you start stocking your fishes, you need to disinfect your pond with an anti-fungi and an anti-bacteria.

What value are you adding to farmers in Nigeria as a brand. You need to get it right by drawing complete business plan and following it to the later. There are a lot of programmes like this in Bayelsa, Lagos and Delta states. In addition, it is important to choose species, strain or hybrid that is fitting for your particular fish farm.

Nigeria can lead world fish production. Oded Swisa, Managing Director, International Fish Dish (Pira), says Nigeria has the potential, skills and resources to lead the world in fish production, calling on the government for more support in the industry.

The Commercial Fish Farming Estate in Kuchikau, Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa State has been conceptualized out of a zealous anxiety to contribute to animal protein supply in Nasarawa State, Abuja City and Nigeria at large.


How To Start A Profitable Fish Farming Business In Nigeria

Edith Onwuka and my company name is Tekland International Ltd, I took up the business of fish farming when I resigned from my job as an accountant in an oil company in Although some people have concerns about the profitability of fish farming presently in Nigeria due to the low price of fish per kg at farm gate.

But the honest truth is that even at the low price, some farmers still sells and make profit because their cost of production is also low. Ensure the environment for growing your fish farm is ideal for your business to thrive.

2). Land Mass: You need to consider the size of the land you intend to use to grow your fish farming business.

Usually, a plot of land or two is great to start out a fish farming business. Read all of the posts by Business Plan on Fish Farming Business Nigeria PDF.

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Fish Farming Business Nigeria PDF. Business plan – Feasibility Study. Menu and widgets. What Is Fish Farming. Fish farming business (aquaculture) involves the planned growth and cultivation of fishes in tanks or proper enclosures for harvesting as food or.

Fish farming business plan in nigeria pdf creator
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